“It was a personal investment.“

Ernst Hupel, Designer

The roads of Fogo Island are empty this morning. The weather forecast is calling for high winds and 50 millimetres of rain: a daunting amount of precipitation even for seasoned coastal dwellers. The drive to Fogo Island Inn is accompanied by the kind of wind that cuts across, under, and around a vehicle, rocking it in…Continue Reading ““It was a personal investment.“”

“This is home no matter what.”

Mackenzie Hewitt, Student

For Mackenzie Hewitt, Joe Batt’s Arm has always been home. She’s grown up walking ocean-bounded trails, picking berries, riding four-wheelers, and living a relatively safe and somewhat wild existence on the outport island her family has inhabited for generations. The house that she shares with two siblings and her parents is a popular gathering place….Continue Reading ““This is home no matter what.””

“There’s no disconnect here.”

Jonathan Gushue, Chef

Jonathan Gushue expertly picks his way down a rock-strewn pathway. Gazing straight ahead, he steps quickly and precisely over any obstacles he encounters. Seemingly immune to the cold and wind, it’s as if he’s been navigating this trail for years. “You’re doing something for more than yourself.” In reality, he is still becoming acquainted with…Continue Reading ““There’s no disconnect here.””

“I wanted to be like a boy again.”

Thomas Bayrle, Artist

“This Fogo Island, you can feel it as soon as you put your foot on it.” Thomas Bayrle crushes a fresh walnut in his over eighty year-old hand. He’s back in Frankfurt am Main, back in Germany, but the time he spent with his wife Helke on the island in June of 2018 hasn’t ceased…Continue Reading ““I wanted to be like a boy again.””