Join Fogo Island Arts at The Arts Club of Chicago on Wednesday

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Join Fogo Island Arts at The Arts Club of Chicago on Wednesday, November 7, at 5:30pm for “The Complicated Conversation: Art, Business and Community” as part of the Fogo Island Dialogues series. Considering the dual systems of art and money, this lively panel discussion will explore the power and pitfalls present in both shaping and rebuilding communities. Free event & all are welcome, but registration is required – RSVP here:

The panel will be introduced by curator Monika Szewczyk and moderated by Bruce Heyman, former US Ambassador to Canada. Panelists include Zita Cobb, founder and CEO of Shorefast; Eric Fischl, the world-renowned artist and force behind a series of cultural philanthropy initiatives in Sag Harbour; Irena Haiduk, artist, Northwestern professor and founder of Yugoexport, an ongoing art project that takes form as a corporation modeled after the self-managed factories and experimental clubs of the former Yugoslavia; and artist Faheem Majeed, a South Shore resident who often looks to the material makeup of his neighborhood and surrounding areas as an entry point into larger questions around civic-mindedness, community activism and institutional racism.